Our Ministries

We believe that ministry flows from abiding in Christ. Everything we do should come from a place of knowing God and then making Him known.

Henri Coanda

We believe that the love of God can transform anyone and we desire to see God’s love transform the neighborhood of Henri Coanda. It was established by the government in 2012 as an area for low-income Turkish-gyspy, Gypsy, and Romanians to live. We began working there when it opened as there was such a need for the love of God among these people who are marginalized and stereotyped by the society around them. We have the desire to see each individual in the neighborhood living a life that has been transformed by God. 

Throughout the week, we run a Kid’s Club where we are able to build relationships with the families and start introducing the children to God. From there, as the relationships grow, we visit the families that are open to see how they are doing, read the Bible and pray with them. Another way that we continue to further discipleship is through Girls’ Group where we are able to bring kids that we have invested in closer to God through deeper discussions, teachings, and more. 

Every summer, we also run a Day Camp in the neighborhood where all of the kids and their families are welcome to join us for a week in the evenings for a few hours. Through this event, we are able to preach the gospel, build relationships, and really start seeing kids experience Jesus. This is our biggest event of the year for the ministry and a great way to get involved with a team!


Young men from disadvantaged backgrounds are discovering their God-given worth and potential! Everyone is created with gifts and talents and therefore everyone has something unique to offer to this world. Each person is called to be a blessing and demonstrate the different colors of God’s character. 

But in Constanta there is a community of people who have fewer chances in life. Many of them have a Turkish – Gypsy background and they often don’t realize how precious and gifted they are. Through our woodworking project, Reclaimed, we want them to discover their God-given worth and potential. 

Reclaimed offers these young men a job opportunity! By taking old pallets and turning them into beautiful furniture and home decoration, we are teaching these men practical skills, building strong relationships and disciplining them to be powerful men of God: ‘Reclaimed’ for His kingdom!

Our employees are part of our YWAM community worship times. We share life together, have meals together, study the Bible together and, last but not least, make beautiful products together!

King's Kids

Believing our teenagers to bring a transformation to their city through their own changed and transformed lives! That’s our vision for King’s Kids Constanta. 

As leaders, we create a platform with healthy biblical values and principles to encourage the teenagers to walk with God in all areas of life. Through our personal approach we aim to inspire, form and disciple them to a powerful life reflecting Jesus’ character. 

We are doing this by meeting twice a week for bible study, fun and fellowship. Through the different mission trips we organize, the teenagers are given the opportunity to walk and grow in  the gifts that God has given them and they get the amazing experience of seeing God working through them!

Summer Nightlife Outreach

Every summer the beaches of Constanta are flooded by young people from all over the country. They are coming to enjoy the sun, the sea, and the nightlife. While they are looking for a good time, they give themselves over to alcohol, sex, and drugs; hoping for a sense of fulfillment. Often, they realize it’s not what they are looking for, but they don’t know what it is that would fulfill their desires. We believe that this generation is ready for an encounter with Jesus. 

That is why we are reaching out to them in different ways by bringing short-term mission teams to the party scene of Constanta and its surroundings in the months of July and August. During the night and early morning shifts, we connect, share, and offer prayer so that ultimately these young people will experience Jesus’ love and care for them. Our desire is to see this generation touched and changed forever by the love and grace of Christ!

The ministry has grown in the last years, and while we are reaching out to the people of Constanta throughout the whole summer, there is the opportunity to join Summer Nightlife Outreach in different party destinations of Europe for two weeks. 

For more information, you can check out our website www.summernightlifeoutreach.com or send us an email: summernightlifeoutreachywam@gmail.com

Abigail Project

This project aims to help women in their daily lives through counseling, discipleship, and practical means. We come alongside them by providing a community they can comfortably share and receive help. Our vision is to provide a tool for them to make money or provide for their families by teaching them how to sew. Ultimately, we hope to show them they are strong and can succeed in life, as well as help them see the hope and a future God has for them.

Neighborhood Evangelism

We believe that as an international, interdenominational, and intergenerational community at our base we have something that we can offer to our neighborhood and city around us. We have been going into our local park to play hockey, lawn games, etc. to build relationships with our neighbors. We hope to share Jesus’ love with them in a practical way through the way we live our lives as followers of Christ and invite them to do the same over time. 

We also are going to be opening a community center in our new building “Next Door” where we can take these relationships we’ve been building a step further over a cup of coffee or treats. We have been renovating this building since we first received it and are excited to see what happens as this community center opens for the neighborhood!

Community Center

Our strategically located community center functions as a platform for young and old to build relationships, friendships, and start discovering Jesus! With a cozy cafe inside, theme nights, neighborhood BBQs, and more, we engage our city introducing them into an atmosphere of love, peace and joy! By offering Alpha Courses and other seminars, we are providing the visitors with the opportunity to discover Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There are a few ways you get get involved with here so let us know if you would like to come help out! 

Mission Innovation

We believe that God has so much more for Central Europe than we are seeing right now. He wants to stir the churches and mission organizations to see a new and great move of God in this region. 

YWAM currently has about 200 to 250 workers in 16 nations within Central Europe. But what would it look like to see 1,800 YWAM workers within these 16 nations? We believe this generation has great potential to be extending God’s kingdom rapidly. 

So Mission Innovation has made it is aim to see new YWAM works started all over Central Europe. We are doing this through networking, empowering and supporting new and existing YWAM ministries. 

How could you be a part of that? Contact us at rune@ywam.ro for more information.